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At the present time I'm QSL manager for: IQ8BI, IB0/IQ8BI, II8PAX, IF9/:IQ8YIQ8BI, A92GH, OD5SK,HZ1SK,HZ1PS, S79RS,CE70RG, TF6/IZ6BRN, A61AB, A61I, A61OO,A61TT, A62ER, IB0CW, A62ER/ZM3 ( 3rd anniversary in memory of 1st UAE president HH Zayed), A62ER/ND ( National Day ) and  A60ISG Special Event Station. 

73' de IZ8CLM Sal



About me


Thank you for visiting my home page… My name is Salvatore Rapacciuolo, IZ8CLM,   I was born in 1976 in Torre Annunziata, 20 km south  of Naples and this web site is a collection of my feeling regarding the radio, the friends and  ….

My radioamateur experience started in early 80’s while watching my father Gaetano 

talking through  a strange black box... after few years in December 1989 I had my first DX on the CB band with a YL station from Walles

 ( CB pic needed ).

I remember as if it was only  yesterday, the voice, my hand on the mic shakinh and my scholastic  English calling CQ on the air as ROMEO SIERRA ( my name and surname ) looking for someone listening to me HIHIHIHI.

That was my starting point in my professional life, in fact in 2003 I graduated as Telecommunication  Engineer from Naples University “ Federico II “ and It will take me for ever  to  thank my ather Gaetano for his infinite passion for tje electronic world which he transmitted to me !!!!!!!     

Well, about radio, is my life….I'm a bit  Unlucky now because I have no more time like before but when I’m at home  every free minute is spent on frequency ( my girlfriend doesn’t know it HIHIHHI ) calling CQ CQ   IZ8CLM   IZ8CLM  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( two pic. needed:  one in 2002 and another actual ) 

Radio radio and radio…. this is the “motto”, I like to much working in SSB and since few months also in  RTTY that is a very  nice digital mode; I like also contesting ( my previous contest call was IQ8Y now IQ prefix is only for Italian Club Station ) and   managing  qsl cards in fact actually I’m qsl manager for the following stations and activations ( for any question contact me via email  sal ( at ) iz8clm ( dot ) com ):

IQ8Y ( previous contest call), IQ8BI  (callsign of Pompeii Club Station),  II8PAX  (special call to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II in Pompeii in 2003),  IB0/IQ8BI (Ponza Isl. EU-045 ),  IF9/IQ8BI  (Levanzo Isl. EU-054), 3A2/IZ8CLM  (few hours spent in 3A2MD’s shack in Monaco), IS0/IZ8CLM   (Sardinia ISl. EU-024 during a work trip ),  CE3/IZ8CLM ( 10 days in Santiago for another work trip ), TR0A ( operating by me in February 2006 at Radio Club AGRA in Libreville another work trip ),  TF/IZ6BRN (Sergio's work trip  in Iceland), S79RS   (from Mahè Isl AF-024 another work trip), IB0CW  (Ventotene Isl. EU-045 with IK8BIZ Bob and IZ8DEP Alfred), CE70RG  (Special call celebrationg 70 anniversary of Rancagua Radio Club Chile),A92GH John   in Bahrain,  HZ1SK Samir  in Saudi Arabia, OD5SK Samir in   Lebanon ( same operator of HZ1SK HIHIHIHIH), HZ1PS Peter in Saudi  Arabia, A61AB Hisham in UAE, A61OO Ali in UAE,  A61TT Ahmed in UAE,  A61I Hamad in UAE, A62ER Emirates Amateur Radio Society,  A60ISG Special Call for scouting meeting in UAE,  A62ER/ZM3  Special call for 3rd anniversary of  1st  President in UAE

.....   and I’m sure that soon the list grow up !!!!!!!!!

For more and more information about activities and others please visit others pages…..   DON’T GO AWAY….  HIHIIIIHIHIIHIHHI

73’ de

IZ8CLM Salvatore ( Sal is much more easy in frequency )



A big hug   to Mr Samir Khayat  HZ1SK/OD5SK for his unique support for the totally construction of  this web site and my present congratulations for his professional job.


ICOM                                IC-7400   with SM-20  MIC

KENWOOD                     TS-440S

ACOM     1000               POWER AMPLIFIER

DRAKE                             MN 2000  WATT METER & ANTENNA TUNER


ANTENNA                        ECO DHF-6   4 ELEM.  YAGI ( 40-10 mt )

COMPUTER                    IBM T43 LAPTOP     &   PENTIUM IV  2.7Ghz


RTTY SOFTWARE         MMTTY ver. 1.65D

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