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Friendship Over Amateur Radio


At the present time I'm QSL manager for: IQ8BI, IB0/IQ8BI, II8PAX, IF9/:IQ8YIQ8BI, A92GH, OD5SK,HZ1SK,HZ1PS, S79RS,CE70RG, TF6/IZ6BRN, A61AB, A61I, A61OO,A61TT, A62ER, IB0CW, A62ER/ZM3 ( 3rd anniversary in memory of 1st UAE president HH Zayed), A62ER/ND ( National Day ) and  A60ISG Special Event Station. 

73' de IZ8CLM Sal



EU-045 PONZA Isl  June 2003


It was on April 2003 when during our weekly meeting in the Club ARI Pompeii , that was planned the activation of EU-045 Ponza Isl. not for the reference IOTA, that is very easy to work, but just to organize something to prod all members to participate.


Just the time to think and all is done….everyone of us with something to do and find ( like the big DX-Pedition  HIHIHI ), who trying to get information how to rend a villa with space to put antennas, who  understanding in which mode or band is better to start, who planning all necessary things to bring with us and of course who planning the food and drink ( following a pic to  celebrate ) !!!!!!!!!!


It has been a very nice experience because we have arrived by boat directly from a harbour closed us ( Castellammare di Stabia)  in which is secured the 15 mt length yacht of our president IK8SCU Emilio. 


Finally we start…. meeting point is  harbour of Castellammare di Stabia at 7:30 AM on 6 June for the week end rich of CQ CQ CQ  IB0/IQ8BI   Ponza Isl.  IOTA EU-045


……. Sorry I forgot to write participants:

IZ8CLM Sal     HF SSB operator

IK8SCU Emilio  HF SSB operator

IK8BIZ Rob      CW operator


IZ8EFK Alfonso  6mt SSB operator   

IZ8DPN Tina 6 mt SSB YL operator and cook  

IK8PGM Rob    HF SSB operator



Costantino ( Jacob’s son)  next OM

Pasquale  seaman andnext OM

Nando seaman and next OM

It was 3 hours of navigation in which everyone was thinking and smiling …. and everyone HUNGRY of QSO.

IZ8CLM on boat

  IZ8EFK Alfonso IK8BIZ Rob IZ8CLM

We arrive in Ponza Isl. at 11:30 AM trying to get space in harbour to parking !!!!!!!!! 

View of the Island from our QTH

 Ponza isl EU-045 from boat

Ponza is the biggest island of Arcipelago Ponziano ( official website ) and is a very famous because some artists come here to spend vacation.

It is particular because there are a lot of streets very small in which is possible to walk only in one way and of course local people are very hospitality !!!!


Finally we are in our houses, installed all antennas and rigs ( see list below ) we are ready to be on AIR…., it was my honour to start the operation of IB0/IQ8BI from Ponza Isl.  IOTA EU-045.

It was possible to running  two  HF stations and  the 6 mt. station in the same time contrary a lot of problems when Jacob running METEOSCARTER  due to a 500W power and the small space between antennas but we were lucky because all skeds were during the the night or early morning when  HF propagation was close!  


What to add more… It was really funny to stay with friends and trying to have a competition between CW,SSB and 6 mt  in wich mode there was the biggest QSO rate per hour… every minute was good to contact all the friends stayed at home for several reasons   and was unforgettable the final…..


So  8 June arrived  immediately after 2300 QSO and was the time to come back at home to live the normal life and not the LOVELY RADIOAMATEUR LIFE on an island !!!!!!!!!

It was really sad leave that wonderful place but the back was waiting for us….

Leaving the Island of Ponza


2  ICOM IC756

1  ICOM 706


1 DX88 vertical antenna

1 ECO ANTENNA 10,15,20 mt vertical

9 elemets HOME MADE for 6 mt.

16 elements TONNA  for METEOSCARTER



About QSL,  all card received  have been replied via direct or bureau and all qso without QSL cards received,  have been posted via bureau by myself, of course if someone haven’t received  yet QSL  please contact me via email.


IB0-IQ8BI-front.jpg     IB0-IQ8BI-retro.jpg   in IZ8CLM folder




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