Italian Amateur Radio Station
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At the present time I'm QSL manager for: IQ8Y ( special contest call), IQ8BI ( club callsign ), IB0/IQ8BI, II8PAX,IF9/IQ8BI, A92GH, OD5SK and HZ1SK. About EK8WY and EK8WB I'm not more drop manager since August 2001, Please do not send me QSL card.On 3 May 2005 I was active as 3A2/IZ8CLM from Monaco using the shack of 3A2MD Laura. On July 2005 I was active as IS0/IZ8CLM from Sardinia Isl. EU-024.

From 11 January until 18 January 2006 I was active as CE3/IZ8CLM from Santiago Chile.

From 8 February until 11 February 2006 I was active as TR0A from RADIO CLUB AGRA in Libreville Gabon, please send me QSK request only for QSL during this period.

73' de IZ8CLM Sal







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